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So many hues,
So many shades,
Swimming along , ready to be fished.

Yesterday it was gray,
Today it is red,
Morrow an unknown, I know not yet.

The live bait is hanging,
Clinging on to the thread,
Eager are the fish; swimming up ahead.

I can feel the tug,
It grips me fast.
Should I let go? Or hold on to the thread.

All being done and all being said,
It is but a choice;
The hues are right ahead,
Spreading out across, far and wide.

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Consider a point.
A point is defined to be dimensionless. So basically it has no existence but it exists.
Now lets scale things up a bit and hit upon the dimensional world.
The first dimension is but a measure of points put together which amounts to a tangible something.
This analogy expands with further dimensions adding more area, volume, span, multi-presence et all.

Lets digress a bit and look at the virtue of logical centrism.
A centre is a point of balance, which gives maximum stability.
Upto our tangible consciousness of three dimensions, a centre is easily imaginable.
Once we go beyond a bit, it is logically imaginable, and even beyond, it is just for the gifted few.
The heart in our body is at the logical centre , not too far from the head to pump more blood against gravity, and farther from the leg which can get its blood with ease.
So a logical centre is established, which is an equilibrium of forces.
Extending the same argument, a logical centre to the Universe is an equilibrium of all forces present.
So there is a logical centre, and based on our 3-d perceptions this centre should be an ever-shifting thing.
If extended to further dimensions one could argue that this centre is actually fixed.
In any case, it can be easily associated with “nothing” or , in essence a “point”, which is dimensionless but is strongly existent.
It should now be amply clear that the point is an all powerful balancer of forces, and without its existence basically everything becomes pointless , and hence a “point”.

The point is hence, that there is something which is nothing yet nothing short of all-powerful; Something which doesn’t exist but of whose existence we are extremely aware of; Something which belies imagination; and yet without all these Forces to balance, we would not be here to realise it, since if it indeed formed a single source, it would just be pointless.
Every point in this world is an all powerful centre of existence, which we in short, call GOD.
Every point generates enough energy or Vibrato or “Ohm” to keep these forces alive.
It is , indeed, the survival of Forces..

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She was angry,
Angry as a girl can be,
Fatigued by her thoughts,
She mumbled off to sleep.

There were no flashes,
Matterless thoughts vanished,
The Mind was too tired,
As she rolled around in her bed.

She woke up to the bright sun,
Blinking the sleep out of her head,
With the hopes of a new morn and a new life ahead.

And as consciousness woke up in her bed,
She could feel the heat gear up unsaid,
The Fear of being Lost,
And the pain of betrayal pent up its head.

As she lay back on her bed,
With thoughts ill fed.

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They sat on the beach,
The waves kept falling at their feet,
There was little talk, they held hands,
The stars shone bright, but left little home for delight,
As she sobbed and wept and cried in her brothers arms.

It was such a night,
A night so beautiful,
With calm waves and moonlight,
But with all this it still wouldn’t feel alright.

They then talked all night,
Talked of things they’d done right,
And things they’d done wrong,
Of all the love they didn’t give,
Of the love they didn’t get.
They talked of the oceans,
And what it had given,
But now more so , of what it had taken.

It had been a ride, one big ride so far,
And what would it be tomorrow,
They never knew, and never cared.
And so they sat, arm and shoudler,
Listening to the whistle of the winds.

They wrote the words yet again,
Only to hear the sea laugh,
And wash off the bitter epitaph,
It was hopeless, but was needed,
The words kept sounding back,

“Get up my children?”

The sea now didn’t feel bad,
The silence was deafening, but the hope was back,
As they sat, arm and shoulder,
Waiting for the new dawn to crack.



In the past year and a half I have been through healthy, not so healthy, witty, sometimes obnoxious arguments with my friends, peers, or just people I’d met or seen while on the move. This has been quite a different experience, I say so, since for so long I have not been much into arguments persay, but I ve seen myself as a diplomat and now suddenly I find my diplomatic tendencies only being bolstered by way of arguments.

Love is so surreal to anyone who is not in love. I guess I am putting too much weight on one four letter word while the more famous one had a Phd written on it by Bhagwan himself. Anyways , coming back to the argument on arguments, I feel lovers can have some of the most intense and some of the most silly arguments. Ranging from things as petty as “Who ll have the last crumb..err first crumb?” , to deep insights on the male-female imbalances, to even subjects as far as political sciences, the climate around the world, world music, the list is endless.These normally are the most captivating and engaging ones you can see and I can say I have been fortunate to have been on the hearing side of a few in the recent past. Therein I have found that , be it man or woman the vengeance and determination in putting ones point across has the same zeal. On this note, I have to add that I have always beleived in th Chinese yin-yan philosophy which relates to everything from man-woman, digitisation(one-zero) to heat-cold, black-white n so it goes. Well, it is but a stream of thought and thoughts are the trigger for arguments, misconceptions, as well as for understanding and realisation.Thoughts are but a flow of the mind, over which one can lose or gain control. It is the fine line between losing and gaining control that leads to arguments.

What is an argument? I find the below to be the closest in meaning to my idea of an argument

“a discussion in which reasons are advanced for and against some proposition or proposal ” -info courtsey

The argument , for some reason, is always seen in a negative light. I feel arguing is something that should be inculcated at a very young age. It is inherently present in all chidren, in the form of inquisition. The innocent and genuine interest in a child to question about something that she has not seen/heard/felt before is the most primitive form of argument. She could very easily think of the new happening as just something new, and leave it. But unless curbed by someone a child will always try to question, to learn. The first time a child gets to see ice/ice cream he is fascinated by the look, the colour, the taste , the sheer beauty of the whole thing. As time goes some of these senses take more weight and, as his viewpoints narrow down, he finds himself exhitibiting favouritism. I would term this as the adolescent face of destruction of creativity. This narrowing down is not a natural process. It is well fed by the society and that part of the society which is in close interaction with the child. In many cases it could be the parents, but in most cases it is someone whom the child grows to adore and take for granted until she feels betrayed at some point in time. This again, in most cases is not done with malevolent intent by the person I am talking about, but its just the inherent tendency in people to orient and advise the child in the form they feel is fit, without realising what the child feels about it. I feel it is this confidence to question, that has to be inculcated at a very young age.

Yes, now the question arises ,”just how much freedom of opinion should a child be nurtured to have?”. I would say total freedom. Yes, but again this does not in any way suggest that the child will end up having his way all the time, but just make him aware of what he can know, what he cannot know, and in such cases, why he cannot know, or why he better not know and so on and so forth. The child should thus be infused with confidence daring and compassion. Passion is something I feel has a big role to play in any persons life, and if it is not, then it should be made to play a major role. The fact is that everyone has desires , as long as he is mortal, and a strong positive desire is what I describe as passion here. This , in some form will reside in him as long as he acheives it, whether he is actually working for it, or is going in a wrong direction away from it due to external compulsions. Knowing and realising this is very important for concentrating on any task at hand. Well I say this because anyone who is passionate will have the mentality to empathise with others passions help them realise it. Again knowing this passion at a very young age helps. Thus a child should have the right to question at any time, should be given time to realise his passion and follow it, and should be disiplined to know what discipline is( and nothing above it ). Finally everyone is an individual in this world , with his own thoughts and his own big things to contribute. Everyone has the inborn goodness which has to be safeguarded.

So from arguments to children to the final destination , Love. Everything starts and ends in love. A child is born out of love and and we exit mortality in an embrace of love and death. Man survives his life out of love for someone/something. So a child has to learn of love. It is a the ultimate test, whether it be to find a soulmate, help a friend indeep distress, or more nobly help humanity attain great heights. Love makes us selfless, humble, caring, brotherly, sisterly, motherly,fatherly ..I guess I ve stated my point.and so I stop. It has been a long lecture I guess, but I think its necessary that each and every person thinks deeply about all this , and I guess everyone does at some point in time.Well this was mine and therein my post ends, with heaps of love for all. Peace.

PS -> Imagine, Introspect and Intervene Innoucously and Intelligently.


A couple of days back I happened to stumble into this really nifty n thrifty site called while looking out for online bookshops. It turned out to be a good find, what with them offering good discounts and free shipping. Ordered a couple of books , should be receiving them in 3 days , as per the website. So waiting for it to pass a judgement on the shipping quality and speed. But so far , so good. Nice simple pleasing design , easy to use shopping cart;payment gateways, and a decent( not huge like the well established ones) collection of books makes it worth a visit. I just hope there will be more takers for it and more reviews on the books on offer. So have a look and I ll post the finishing touches once I have the paperbacks in hand.Ciao for now.

PS –> I just received the books, neat service :)..So thumbs up !