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So many hues,

So many shades,

Swimming along , ready to be fished.


Yesterday it was gray,

Today it is red,

Morrow an unknown, I know not yet.


The live bait is hanging,

Clinging on to the thread,

Eager are the fish; swimming up ahead.


I can feel the tug,

It grips me fast.

Should I let go? Or hold on to the thread.


All being done and all being said,

It is but a choice;

The hues are right ahead,

Spreading out across, far and wide.



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Consider a point.
A point is defined to be dimensionless. So basically it has no existence but it exists.
Now lets scale things up a bit and hit upon the dimensional world.
The first dimension is but a measure of points put together which amounts to a tangible something.
This analogy expands with further dimensions adding more area, volume, span, multi-presence et all.

Lets digress a bit and look at the virtue of logical centrism.
A centre is a point of balance, which gives maximum stability.
Upto our tangible consciousness of three dimensions, a centre is easily imaginable.
Once we go beyond a bit, it is logically imaginable, and even beyond, it is just for the gifted few.
The heart in our body is at the logical centre , not too far from the head to pump more blood against gravity, and farther from the leg which can get its blood with ease.
So a logical centre is established, which is an equilibrium of forces.
Extending the same argument, a logical centre to the Universe is an equilibrium of all forces present.
So there is a logical centre, and based on our 3-d perceptions this centre should be an ever-shifting thing.
If extended to further dimensions one could argue that this centre is actually fixed.
In any case, it can be easily associated with “nothing” or , in essence a “point”, which is dimensionless but is strongly existent.
It should now be amply clear that the point is an all powerful balancer of forces, and without its existence basically everything becomes pointless , and hence a “point”.

The point is hence, that there is something which is nothing yet nothing short of all-powerful; Something which doesn’t exist but of whose existence we are extremely aware of; Something which belies imagination; and yet without all these Forces to balance, we would not be here to realise it, since if it indeed formed a single source, it would just be pointless.
Every point in this world is an all powerful centre of existence, which we in short, call GOD.
Every point generates enough energy or Vibrato or “Ohm” to keep these forces alive.
It is , indeed, the survival of Forces..


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Life is not so fair,
But love is in the air,
Wish I could just know,
And not feel so so low.

As I write these words,
Its been a long long time,
Since When I thought why,
To now when I think ‘How and Well’

It all still matters,
But ne’er Should anymore,
And thus as I think more,
I wish I could just sleep and snore.


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She was angry,

Angry as a girl can be,

Fatigued by her thoughts,

She mumbled off to sleep.

There were no flashes,

Matterless thoughts vanished,

The Mind was too tired,

As she rolled around in her bed.

She woke up to the bright sun,

Blinking the sleep out of her head,

With the hopes of a new morn and a new life ahead.

And as consciousness woke up in her bed,

She could feel the heat gear up unsaid,

The Fear of being Lost,

And the pain of betrayal pent up its head.

As she lay back on her bed,

With thoughts ill fed.

The Audacity of it all!

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There need be no more debates, no more sick coverage and no more time to think. Its a time when there needs to be strong decisions. If not now then when. Does the human life have no value! There are times when you feel you want to be in politics just so you can change some things , and this is definitely one. Nothing more to be said.

Voice your Choice !

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Drowning in solitude
I see the hearts
Floating in dreams
And dying of love
Alas ! They do resemble touch me nots
And the world speaks so.